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We all like to take time to look back and review in December, to consider all aspects of business, including how our People Development plans performed in 2023 and what we’re going to do more of, do differently and plan and budget for the year ahead.


In Stratis Learning & Development we had an insightful year designing and delivering bespoke in-company programmes across many facets of people management and leadership.  We worked with clients to design and deliver bespoke programmes and workshops across;


  • Front Line Leadership

  • People Management Essentials

  • Managing your Communication Style

  • Unconscious Bias Awareness workshops

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence


The recurring feedback was the connection we made with the trainees, the pragmatic, experienced based approach we take to how we deliver our workshops.   We really appreciate that feedback, as it’s what makes our programmes different and meaningful - “We practice what we teach”.


Our public programmes in the year centred on Employee Relations and Negotiations, where we drew together a guest faculty from across Public Bodies, Legal Houses and our own Stratis Partners to deliver a truly unique perspective and immersive masterclass on how to mitigate a case going to WRC, prepare to defend, articulate (for both sides) and attend a mock Labour Court session. 

We are planning the schedule of our 2024 programmes, and we intend to add a workshop series on the pending legislative reforms to collective bargaining through “Good Faith Engagement” (read our latest assessment here) which will have significant implications for Employers in the Private Sector and on which Stratis can provide advice and support.


We also expanded our Leadership Coaching and partnered with individuals and organisations to coach them through their individualised leadership plans.  Coaching and supported self-development is critical for leaders as they reflect on their personal strategy and skills they need to the deal with the rapid changes occurring in managing people post-Covid, the arrival of AI and the influence it’s having on how we motivate and retain our skilled employees.  The military term VUCA is so relevant for the times we are living in.


Meanwhile Brendan and I also took some time to personalise our thoughts about Stratis L&D and what we’re uniquely positioned to offer, what makes us different?We practice what we teach…

You can see us chatting on this here.


As you celebrate your 2023 and consider what’s important for you and your team’s development in 2024, Stratis Learning and Development are looking forward to discussing how we can design a bespoke People Management programme with you or indeed welcome you at one of our public programmes.


Our brochure of programmes is on the L&D Section of our website, or connect with us directly through the contact details below


Enjoy your Christmas break,




Louise Murphy | Managing Director | Stratis Learning and Development  

T:  +353 (0) 1 2166302    

M: +353 (0) 87 2053604

W:       Twitter: @Stratisconsult     LinkedIn: Follow us here


Disclaimer: The information in this article is for practical guidance only and does not constitute legal or case specific advice.  The answers to specific situations will vary depending on the circumstances of each case. This is not a substitute for specific professional advice relevant to individual circumstances facing your business.



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