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COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers - A Summary from Stratis Consulting

You will be aware of the publication over the weekend by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation of the above Protocol which represents an important milestone on the road to getting Ireland back to work.

It is critical that we get as many businesses back working again in the coming weeks and months, but we must do it safely and in a manner which gives confidence to both employers and workers that safety issues are a top priority as we take each steps in the Government’s Roadmap for reopening the economy and as the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The Protocol is supported by Ibec, Chambers Ireland, the CIF and by the ICTU.

In this update, we set out a summary only of the key measures set out in the Protocol. To view the summary, click here.

Full details of the Return to Work Safely Protocol is available here.

In our view, as a result of the Protocol, employers, including those who are already operating as an ‘essential service’, will need to take the following immediate steps if they are to fully resume operations in a safe and positive manner:

  1. Review the Protocol and adjust any existing measures they have in place, or were already being considered, to reflect the terms set out.

  2. Decide on the appointment of at least one 'worker representative' to ensure that C-19 measures are adhered to.

  3. Decide on the COVID-19 response management team.

  4. Provide information, guidance, and training (as will be necessary for particular roles) to ensure everyone knows what is expected.

  5. Review all workplace practices and put the necessary plans in place to ensure compliance.

  6. Decide and implement any physical changes that will be needed to follow the Protocol.

The Protocol will give rise to additional costs both to implement, and to maintain ,and for every business, the roadmap to full reopening will be complex and challenging.

We also have included a summary of the five phases of lockdown easing announced by the Government on 01.05.20 in its 'Roadmap for Reopening Society & Business'.

We hope you find these summaries helpful and if you would like to talk to us about any of the above issues for yourselves during this critical transition phase in dealing with C-19 in the period ahead, please get in touch with me at

Brendan McGinty

Managing Partner

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