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Parent Leave Extended

In our most recent “Client Update” we provided an update and review of the IR and ER landscape. Over the next few weeks we’ll share our thoughts on some of the key issues.

Next up we look at “Parent Leave entitlements extended”

Parent’s Leave and Benefit Act….

Under the Parent’s Leave and Benefit Act 2019, from 01.11.19, new mothers and fathers are each entitled to two weeks of ‘paid parent leave’ within the first year of their child being born at a rate of €245 per week. This is the same rate paid for existing maternity and paternity leave. The measure is applicable for children born or adopted from 01.11.19. Paid parent’s leave must be taken after birth or placement for adoption and be taken within 52 weeks of birth or placement.

The two weeks are in addition to the existing maternity and paternity leave, and unpaid parental leave entitlements already available to them. For example, fathers still must take paternity leave within 26 weeks of the baby’s birth but have up to 52 weeks for parents leave.

When a child is born a father can take two weeks paid paternity leave within six months of the baby’s birth. They are now entitled, after taking the paternity leave, to another two weeks within the first year of the baby’s birth, meaning they have four weeks in total. These weeks are paid at a benefit rate of €245 per week.

Amendments to Maternity Leave...

For new mums, they were previously entitled to 26 paid weeks of maternity leave and could also add 16 weeks to this leave which is unpaid and at their own discretion. Now following the initial 26 weeks payment under the maternity leave scheme, new mothers can avail of an additional two weeks paid parents leave and all 28 of these weeks are paid at a benefit rate of €245 per week.

It should also be noted that in addition to the above maternity and paternity leave, new parents are also entitled to up to 22 weeks unpaid parental leave each, which can be taken in one bloc or two split blocs, before their child reaches 12 years old.

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