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  • Workplace Innovation - Workplace innovation’ describes the introduction of workplace practices which enable employees at every level to use and develop their full range of skills, knowledge, experience and creativity in their day-to-day jobs. Based on some seventy years of research and practice, workplace innovation is strongly associated with improved business performance, product and service innovation, and employee health and well-being. Workplace innovation can make important contributions to key policy goals including productivity, skills utilisation, engagement and mental health at work. It has been adopted as an important dimension of EU industrial strategy as well as by several national and regional governments in Europe. 

  • Successive surveys show that only a minority of Irish companies are making systematic use of evidence-based workplace practices. A close partnership between Stratis Consulting and Fresh Thinking Labs can reduce the ‘long tail’ of companies lacking knowledge or expertise to transform working practices and culture.  

  • Our approach is based on flexible packages of support, responding to the divergent needs of companies at different stages of progression and in different sectors. The following section is series of pathways around which support can be structured, each designed to create maximum synergy between the complementary areas of knowledge and expertise represented by Stratis and Fresh Thinking Labs.

  • Fresh Thinking Labs Launch Event - Please find below a copy of the presentations delivered at the event : 

        Gerry McCormack, SIPTU Presentation

        Henkel Case Study

       Designing Workplaces to support Innovation

       Argenta Dundee Case Study

     Fresh Thinking Labs Presentation

  • Welcome to the Essential Fifth Element Short Diagnostic - The following questions each relate to evidence-based workplace practices, all of which play an important role in shaping business performance and quality of working lives.

  • You will receive a short report at the end of the diagnostic and we will be delighted to discuss your results with you in detail. An in-depth Diagnostic, including a full employee survey, is also available. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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