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STRATIS HR Case Manager
STRATIS HR Case Manager

STRATIS HR Case Manager has been specifically designed to manage all Employee Relations cases in a professional and efficient manner. It stores all case related documentation securely and confidentially and will improve the quality of the HR service to the organisation.  It allows the HR Team to focus on managing more sensitive cases and identifying key trends and metrics.

I already have a HR system, why should I consider STRATIS HR Case Manager ?
I already have a HR system, why should I consider STRATIS HR Case Manager ?

Standard HR systems record routine information such as payroll, employee data and holidays, but when managing ER casework a more specialised approach is needed. Working alongside your existing IT systems, STRATIS HR Case Manager manages the timescales, processes and documentation associated with Employee Relations cases - ensuring consistency, transparency and effective reporting.

Delivering a Better HR Service

STRATIS HR Case Manager can be configured to match your organisation profile and has multiple case types built in to the standard product including:

  • Absence Management

  • Accidents at Work

  • Data Access Requests

  • Disciplinary

  • Dignity at Work

  • Grievances

  • Freedom of Information Requests

  • Health & Safety

  • Protective Leave Requests (e.g. Force Majeure)

  • Protected Disclosures / Whistleblowing cases

  • Workplace Relations Commission & Labour Court

  • Performance Management

Additional fields include by Line Manager, Team, Category, Department Location and Country of Origin.

Please contact us for more information as the product can be configured to your requirements.

Key Features

Single Point Case Capture


Record all key case details quickly and accurately. All documentation associated with a case is held and managed in one place.


Case Ownership


A nominated person is allocated for every case and cases can be reassigned as necessary.


Performance Monitoring


Case monitoring can be done by individual case, case type, staff member, team or across the whole organisation.


Advanced Search


Search facilities support staff to make better informed decisions, delivering the right data at the right time to the right person.


Alerts and Reminders


Agreed time limits and thresholds built in to the workflow help staff keep cases on track, with highly visible alerts and reminders, as well as diary and task management.


Reporting and Evaluation


All data and documents can be formatted into user-friendly reports and statistics and are available for analysis.


Full Security


Access to the system or certain cases is restricted according to your company policy, protecting sensitive data. The system can be hosted on your premises or managed by us in an approved and secure Data Centre, where ISO27001 data security standards apply.


Contact Us


We would be delighted to give you a short, absolutely no obligation demonstration of STRATIS HR Case Manager.


Please contact us on :

T +353 1 216 6302



and a member of the STRATIS Team will reply as soon as possible.

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